Fortnite 7 Week 6: Secret Loading Screen Hidden Banner Revealed!

Fortnite fans can pick up another hidden Battle Star banner by completing the Week 6 challenges and unlocking the loading screen.

Epic Games releases seven Battle Royale challenges each week. Three of the weekly challenges are available for free and the other four challenges are exclusive.

The challenges are separated into hard and regular tiers of difficulty.

The hard difficulty Fortnite challenges net players ten Battle Stars, while the regular tasks reward fans with five Battle Stars. Earning Battle Stars levels up your Battle Pass.

You can earn an additional Battle Star or banner by completing all seven challenges and unlocking a loading screen.

If you look at the Week 6 loading screen, you'll see a clue for this week's hidden Banner.

The hidden loading screen contains a sign with a chalk drawing on it.

The chalk drawing is of a ring of vehicles which can be found buried into the top of a mountain in the Paradise Palms area.

Head to square H10 on the Battle Royale map and destroy the black station wagon. The secret banner can be found just behind the destroyed station wagon.

It's worth remembering that you'll need to complete all of the challenges to unlock the loading screen and banner.

The full list of Season 7, Week 6 challenges can be seen below:

Fortnite Week 6 Free Challenges...

• Search an Ammo Box in different named locations (7)

• Search Chilly Gnomes (7)

• Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing or Tiled Towers (3) (HARD)

Fortnite Week 6 Battle Pass Challenges...

• Stage 1: Visit Polar Peak and Tilted Towers in a single match (2)

 - Stage 2: Visit Lucky Landing and Retail Row in a single match

 - Final Stage: Visit Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts in a single match

• Slide an Ice Puck in over 150m in a single throw (1)

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