Top 5 Fortnite Players in the World!

We present you with the best players in the Fortnite Industry! Well, we can surely call it an industry now!

Many people worldwide are playing this highly contagious game! If you haven't tried it by now, we advise you not to even start because it will be your daily To Do task.

We might say that some might even dedicate their lives to making the best results, and we have found some which caught our attention. This is of course not an official list and if you find someone who might be in a similar range with our candidates let us know! 

Get ready, because this is going to be a turbulent path!

Player No. 5 - Nick Ah 30

We could be one of the most precise players ever! He never messes up his edits and a fantastic player. He absolutely deserves to be on this list. Check out his channel here!

Here is a recent video, so check it out!

Player No. 4. Captain of the Faze Squad! 

He is absolutely insane! Anything he does is smooth around. We are really out of words when watching his clips. Check out his YT channel here.

We are sharing this clip with you and let us know what you think!

Player No. 3 - Jaomock!

From the Faze Squad. This guy is the best builder in all Fortnite! He does everything so fast and he is the only person who knows what's going on. He moves so quickly you cannot even understand what he does. Check out his YT channel here! And here is our fav VS moment.

Player No2. The man Hamlinz!

We kinda spilled the beans with the previous video but for sure he is one of the most creative players! He is constantly inventing new strategies to kill ppl. He is one of the best players in the game, honestly! He hits the shots consistently and he plays while still being extremely aggressive! Check out his YT Channel here!

And here is one of his latest videos:

Player No. 1 - This is just us guys! Let us know if you have your fav: The man, TFUE!

We absolutely love this guy! With 29 kills in a solo game - this guy is definitely a recorder as a solo! (as far as we know). This guy is the embodiment of Fortnite! Many players have learned so much from his moves. Many don't even understand how he hits every single shot he takes. Many say how can he better than Ninja? Well, check out his YT Channel here, and see for yourself  And we have our absolutely favorite video we would like to share with you:

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