World's Most Mysterious Musicians Ever!

We present you with the list of the Most Mysterious Musicians in the world! 

We know that there are many talented musicians out there, many possess more than just the talent and the charisma. There are some that really creep us out and some that are so funny that we just can't.

From all era's and all times, here are some we found strange. Let us know if you have your personal favorite.

Well, let's start with some old school.

Giuseppe Tartini

Have you ever heard of Giuseppe Tartini? He was born in 1692 in the Venetian Republic and he was first known as the owner of one of the famous Stradivariuses. Just a few years before he died, in 1765 he had a dream he met the devil. Apparently, the devil played a piece on the violin and when Tartini woke up, he tried to write the melody down - 'The Devi's Sonata', which became one of his most famous works. It is still such a difficult piece that some say that he must have had 6 fingers to be able to play it. Some say that whoever played this piece was giving his soul to the devil. Would you dare to play it? Here are the sheets :)
Also, here is the piece if you haven't heard it before:

Robert Johnson

He is a member of the club 27. He died in 1938 after being poisoned. He wasn't very good at blues or playing the guitar. It is said that one night he went away, and when he came back he changed. His friends said that just overnight he became the master of guitar. When they asked him how he managed to do so, he said that he met the devil at a crossroad (the crossroad in Mississippi). The devil gave the talent to Robert by tuning his strings in exchange for his soul of course. Robert then wrote a song called 'Me & the Devil' and here you go:



Jimmy Page

Many know this musician since he was the guitarist of Led Zeppelin. Since the beginning of their career, they have been connecting them with the occult and the rumor said that three of the band members made a deal with the devil. Their most famous song 'Stairway to Haven' is believed to be a devil worshiping song, and when played backward one can hear sentences like 'Oh, here's to my sweet Satan'.

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote: Televangelist Paul Crouch brought this allegation into the mainstream in 1982, claiming that, when played backward, the "bustle in your hedgerow" segment of Zep's signature tune says this: "Here's to my sweet Satan/The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan/He will give those with him 666/There was a little toolshed where he made us su­ffer, sad Satan."

You can hear the whole song here or just skip at 3:03 for the best part:


David Bowie

We all know David Bowie, but did you know that throughout his career, he always used the metaphor of the fallen star. He was Ziggy Stardust, and he sang about Starman and Astronauts. There were many speculations that his last album Blackstar and his song 'Lazarus' had hidden messages of him coming back from the dead. Lazarus is a biblical figure, resurrected by Jesus. David Bowie was interested in Kabballah (which has roots in Judaism) and he was obsessed with protective pentagrams. He was also interested in Crowley and even refers to him in his songs such as Quicksand from 1971. There is actually a rumor that David Bowie faked his own death and people still try to decipher all the messages in his art. 
Here you can listen to the song Blackstar - tell us what you think:


Many do not know this one but is famous for performing with a bucket on his head, specifically a KFC bucket. He claims to have been raised by chickens and on his concerts, he protests the worldwide consumption of those animals. Aside from that, he is a talented musician, guitar player to be precise and he made a lot of music - more than 30 albums. Nothing Satanic here guys chill :). You can read more about him here!

Moving on to the mysterious ones again


Well, we all know Tupac for his contradictorily violent music, and one of the rap icons. It is said that he was involved in gang activities. He was shot with 4 bullets while driving in a car and stopping at the traffic light (witnesses weren't actually sure if the bullets hit him or not). He was still alive when he was transported to the Medical Center of Southern Nevada and it is said that he died six days later on September 13, 1996. Some say that he survived the shooting and that he lives in a villa on Barbados or Cuba. There are several photos which are assumed to be proof that he is still alive. What do you think? Let us know

Here are some pictures - Is this a lookalike or is it the real deal



The king of Rock- A musician that died under mysterious circumstances. Well, officially he died after a heart attack in 1977, but it is said that he died . by a drug overdose? Some people believe that Elvis didn't die and that he is still alive and enjoying his life. Apparently, he has been spotted several times, and some photos prove that he lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Not just his death, there were other things which were strange. He said that he has been visited by aliens when he was 8 years old. According to his words, they have shown him a man in a white suit, singing to a crowd of people. Read more about him and his death allegations here, and then listen to some great music:


That's all for now folks. Let us know what you think about this one and we will keep you updated with more.

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